“With each gentle puff
Of wind that blew through the house
She danced and felt life.” FL
“Hidden she waited, so patiently.
Behind her wild branches, her barbs, her scratching, and her clawing; There she waited, for someone to find her.” FL
“Forests that have stood long before man’s eyes first opened, yield silently to man’s will; Only to have man abandon what they have wrought.” FL
“My obsession with this window, I cannot explain it. I want to go back and shoot it again. And again. TELL ME YOUR STORY DAMN IT!” FL
“Old Freideric had fallen, and couldn’t get up.” FL

“Timeless, thou doth stand; Against all else prevail, through tempest, rain and wind. Through every seasons change, thou, unchanged remain.” FL
There’s always something around the corner that piques my interest.. always looking for hidden treasure. ( and I mean visually, not loot, for I am no pirate.)
“Sometimes there is no story, sometimes, it is what it is.” FL
“Was it the drinking, or the fact the eggs were burnt, again, either way , she’s gone.” FL
“She smiled, and the world exploded with light.” FL