Hello there Aurora. And good bye. That’s all I saw, if only I were in Greenland tonight. 🤣
I was terrified being alone in the woods after dark. Every sound made me want to run away. But I stuck it out and got some shots of the milky way. It’s good practice.
This is my set up “test shot” this morning. It was foggy but I thought I’d set up the tripod here so I could find it in the dark.

Turns out the Milky Way is over here:

This is sort of the same shot but further to the left. It was also early in the evening. I really should have waited longer for it to be darker. (830 pm ish)

But I ended up liking the shot closer to my house, I just wanted the stars to pop.

I also had a hard time choosing my favourite. I may have to post more just because I can.

This is the camera lying on the ground shooting straight up. I caught a bit o the trees in the corner. The Milky Way is so beautiful. It’s so vast. It took my breath away.
“Once, lived like a Queen


She was slowly left.” FL

A chaise lounge and a fridge sit in a bar.

Chaise: Why are you always so open?

Fridge: why do you lie all day?

Things got dark after that.