Month: October 2014

365/24 ~ misty

Thank you Erroll Garner & Johnny Burke for writing “Misty” in 1954, and Ella Fitzgerald for singing it.

I was humming it on my walk to today.
IMG_3021 IMG_3033 IMG_3069

IMG_3075 IMG_3091

365/23 ~ my peace is like a rock

Your pun of the day is courtesy of my iPhone 5c. Okay, so it’s not very punny… what are you going to do about it? IMG_3126

I’m seeing monsters everywhere lately…. IMG_3130

As usual, a picture doesn’t always capture the moment, the tops of the trees were sparkling gold in the sunset. It was lovely.

And, a random picture of the day, my two year old basil plant, that is still hanging on….. amazing.

This I took with my canon. (I love my dirty windows, what visual texture.)

365/21 ~ shady business

Do these first two images not make you think of a centaur wielding a mighty sword? It totally captured my imagination today. IMG_2894IMG_2882

My pre-Halloween imagery, of monsters lurking in the shadows…
IMG_2903 IMG_2908

This is a marble or granite cut out, that looks like the moon. By the way, I did not put a cheesy vignette on there, that’s the shot.

Oh what you find in back alleys…. nasty chairs. IMG_2930

365/19 ~ have a seat

I am trying a “new” thing, in this whole process; By “new” I mean, new to me. In my walk today, I tried to allow the art to talk to me, rather than forcing myself upon it. So, I take my camera, but I in no way force myself to shoot something, unless it catches my eye honestly. So, here are my results.

What do you think? IMG_2778 IMG_2781 IMG_2777

IMG_2796 IMG_2805

365/16~ my friends, my friends

IMG_3092 I don’t know about the rest of you, but I LOVE getting barfed on at 3am. So, now you know how super my day has been.

“Hope brings a turtle” as my husbands cousin was known to say.

IMG_3096 Regardless, after a lot of napping and medication, we managed to get out anyways. Here are my lowlights of the day. (These, as opposed to my other images, were all taken with my iPhone 5c) IMG_3100 I love my little green sunspot.  Cheers. IMG_3106

365/15 ~ finality

The trouble with days like today, it takes work to FIND something to shoot. I admit I was a bit pouty when I saw the sky this morning, so I googled what to shoot on a cloudy day, and most photographers suggested CLOUDS!!! (and proceeded to insert the most vivid cloud shots ever). What those people did not take into account, is that today the clouds were completely formless, with no creases to let the morning sunlight in, I had a solid blanket of grey. But, I went for my usual walk anyways… and what do you know?!…. I found stuff that I hadn’t seen before, albeit a bit morbid.

enjoy. IMG_2666 IMG_2660


I have walked this lake for almost 3 years now… I have never seen these locks until today! amazing.  IMG_2694