Month: October 2014

365/3 ~ poser!

I sometimes have a hard time photographing nature. She’s visually busy, and I find it makes it hard to simplify her. So here are my attempts for today. Walking away from the shoot, I feel like I’m missing something, that I can’t quite catch her off guard, so to speak. But, I have done my “work” for today, now I can go shower.

By the way: This first pic is a little incongruous, but its my favorite sweater.. and I love it, and I think you should too.


IMG_2010 IMG_1995 IMG_1992 IMG_1986 IMG_2019

365/1 ~ why am i doing this?

There are a couple reasons why I am starting this blog thing now, (although, I must admit to feeling like I just got a tatoo, and have joined the ranks of the markedly cliched. (I dont know how to add the special symbols over my ‘e’ in cliche)) Blogs are old news, I know.

Regardless, here I go.

Reason #1: I have been inspired by my second cousin in chicago, who is studying design, and has almost completed her challenge. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow in photography.

Reason #2: My husbands Uncle, who blogs regularily, amazing images, and has shown me that one does not need to be a wordsmith, to blog, I can just upload pictures. Thus, releasing me the burden of having to have great pictures along with some epiphany.

There, simple really. That and with the coming of baby number two, I refuse to lose that which has taken me so long to find and build. Me.

Enjoy todays images.

IMG_1894 IMG_1884

IMG_1910 IMG_1908