Month: January 2018

Today marks the 550th photo in my blog that I started in 2014.

I am currently neck deep writing an AFA grant, so I can showcase southern Alberta’s short history within the realm of abandoned homesteads and barns. In writing the grant, I was spewing my ideas about what I photograph, and felt this pretty much encapsulates how I feel about what I do, and try to capture.

“Decay is not a something to be afraid of, or halt. There is beauty in the rust, and the weathering of wood, the bend of the unbendable. It is it’s frailty, the vulnerability of these things that I am drawn to. They are broken, yet they stand, they are ruined in every way, to the point of uninhabitability, yet the light that shines through their broken walls, shows a wild serenity,

a peace. Or the single bloom that hides in the midst of the empty brokenness speaks of the hope. The life that never dies.”