365 day challenge

365/14 ~ reaching

Today was a quick stop at the park, with a short snap at the end; I feel I can’t capture what I want when I’m under pressure or having to keep one eye focused on my lens and one on the lad. But I could stare at this face all day. IMG_2642


So today isn’t the most amazing shoot… but I did it. I suppose because of this, I will always be reaching, stretching, to be better. IMG_2618

365/13 ~ up and down

I like moss. Both the literal moss, and the Moss character on “the IT crowd”, and my friend the Moss’s, who had a baby boy on the 17th. 8lbs 10oz. One day, I will have a lawn composed entirely of moss, thus eliminating the need of a lawn-mower.

IMG_2552 IMG_2553

The sky this evening, had the most wistful, sweeping clouds, it was breath-taking. I sat on the grass admiring its movement, like the wing of a bird in flight.  IMG_2581


IMG_2603Although, I am enjoying the brash early light of most days; I find its slow dying, as it gently slips into its good-night, the warmest and most peaceful.  IMG_2601

365/12 ~ nailed it…

I seriously love going out, and instantly being able to tap into that creative flow of energy. It makes this whole experience satisfying, and fulfilling in a way I wasn’t expecting. It’s as if I am doing exactly what I should be doing, in the here and now. Enjoy.IMG_2490 IMG_2468 IMG_2488My husband said of the above photograph, “This one looks like a lonely guy standing on a beach”.

And, I wish to name the above, “Tears of the Sun”.  IMG_2531

365/10 ~ seriously, lady?

IMG_2303 - Version 2

I know my DOF is off on most of this childs pictures… but I like the shots anyways. He’s adorable.

IMG_2334 I missed my morning routine, so I had to make use of the late afternoon light… I think I really like branches.. and sun flares… it ads this hilarious pop of colour in my “b&w” . IMG_2353

IMG_2336*on a side note: I don’t recommend any type of solo photography when you have to watch a toddler… talk about distracting!!* IMG_2344*and Yes, I have permission to use this boys images…. you however… do not*