I will restore you.
I will heal that which is broken, and make you new.
I will take you as my own, and love you.
Never mind which path you choose, wherever you go, there you are.
Oh what yearning,
To see and be seen. FL
Awake and rise!
Arise you dead and come to life.
Your cage is broken.
That which holds you is no longer.
It was a month or so after Marcy moved that she realized she must have left her favourite gardening sweater at the old house. FL
If you ask Bertha, she’d tell you; Always watching from the other side of the room, and never joining the conversation. Just watching and waiting, for someone to draw her out. FL
The fairies had always come here to see the girl. One day, she was no longer, so they waited, to see if another would bring them some treasures. FL