365/10 ~ seriously, lady?

IMG_2303 - Version 2

I know my DOF is off on most of this childs pictures… but I like the shots anyways. He’s adorable.

IMG_2334 I missed my morning routine, so I had to make use of the late afternoon light… I think I really like branches.. and sun flares… it ads this hilarious pop of colour in my “b&w” . IMG_2353

IMG_2336*on a side note: I don’t recommend any type of solo photography when you have to watch a toddler… talk about distracting!!* IMG_2344*and Yes, I have permission to use this boys images…. you however… do not*

365/5 ~ looking up

Typically when I go for a walk, I look at the ground… the cracks in the sidewalk, the flowers, a leaf; The small minute details that make the world secretive and special. But today I was getting out of my car and I happened to look up… I stood under the tree for what felt an eternity, the light, the gentle breeze, all wrapped up in a warm embrace. Soul food.