365/6 ~ footloose

I love the morning light and the shadows that it draws out! Had an absolute stellar shoot today, which resulted in an excess of images.

Had a hard time chosing just one image to represent today… in your opinion, which is the strongest image?

IMG_2087 IMG_2163 IMG_2135 IMG_2115 IMG_2127 IMG_2153 IMG_2174 IMG_2107 IMG_2100 IMG_2088

365/5 ~ looking up

Typically when I go for a walk, I look at the ground… the cracks in the sidewalk, the flowers, a leaf; The small minute details that make the world secretive and special. But today I was getting out of my car and I happened to look up… I stood under the tree for what felt an eternity, the light, the gentle breeze, all wrapped up in a warm embrace. Soul food.