365/21 ~ shady business

Do these first two images not make you think of a centaur wielding a mighty sword? It totally captured my imagination today. IMG_2894IMG_2882

My pre-Halloween imagery, of monsters lurking in the shadows…
IMG_2903 IMG_2908

This is a marble or granite cut out, that looks like the moon. By the way, I did not put a cheesy vignette on there, that’s the shot.

Oh what you find in back alleys…. nasty chairs. IMG_2930

365/19 ~ have a seat

I am trying a “new” thing, in this whole process; By “new” I mean, new to me. In my walk today, I tried to allow the art to talk to me, rather than forcing myself upon it. So, I take my camera, but I in no way force myself to shoot something, unless it catches my eye honestly. So, here are my results.

What do you think? IMG_2778 IMG_2781 IMG_2777

IMG_2796 IMG_2805